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Backstage ACCESS - Gypsy
Backstage ACCESS - Gypsy

Wednesdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm
February 22, February 28, and March 7, 2018

Registration $70 per person
Patron Producers: NO CHARGE (2 Registrations)
Benefactor Members: NO CHARGE (2 Registrations)
Producer Circle Member, Director Member, Star Member: One (1) FREE Course per year
All Membership Levels: $52.50 (25% Discount)

This new initiative anticipates seven courses:  Adult Theatre Arts Workshop Classes for each of the Season’s seven (7) productions on both the Stark and Waxlax Stages: Taking a closer look at each work, while exploring theatre as an art form, and celebrating the magical relationship that exists between actors and audience within a shared space and time.

By examining a specific show, studying its past production history, and learning about Riverside’s interpretation through visits from guest artists and design displays, class members will discuss each play,  be introduced to various production elements, and, after attending a performance, analyze the choices made.

Part lecture, part seminar, part participation, and part discussion, the Adult Theatre Arts Workshop Classes will seek to build a greater awareness of the many facets and collaborations involved in theatrical expression, as the questions “Why theatre?” and “What makes the live theatrical event different from all other art forms?” are explored.


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